Need advice about less ugly flooring option--French rental apartment

Joy Fairclough
19 Septembre 2015


I'm renting an apartment in an adorable small city in Southern France. I live and work from home, and the location is perfect. I even have a view over mountains and a river. But... help! I have no idea if anything can be done about the ugly, ugly, green linoleum floor. I understand why it was done, because the floors are comically uneven and levelling them would be an absolutely huge job. This building is hundreds of years old-- some of the doorframes are already quite low and one feels like one is descending a hill, walking from the livingroom to the bedroom. :) I'm going to attach a photo of the newly installed kitchen to give you an idea of how much the floors sag from the corners.

So, yeah. Fixing it properly is not an issue. Can someone tell me whether I could put down flexible vinyl fake wood flooring? Not the laminate stuff-- I've seen photos online of what looks like flexible stickers with a wood print that one peels off like a sticker and puts down on the floor. Is it flexible enough to deal with this kind of uneven surface? I'm just going for some visual improvement, even if it doesn't really look very convincing... I really like the apartment and it has a lot of charm in other areas and the rent is super affordable, but this wall to wall green linoleum is bumming me out and I can't even begin to think about decorating at all. I really want to, as I am a calligrapher and graphic designer living and working from this apartment. I need to do something! Attached is a photo of the corner of the kitchen to give you an idea. I tend to stand on one leg when doing the dishes because the floor is so crazy uneven! haha. The camera was set level on the floor to take this shot, so it makes it seem like the kitchen cabinets are leaning-- but it's the floor. I'm more partial to fake vinyl wood as a solution than vinyl tiles if possible.

Any advice much appreciated!

Commentaires (2)

  • Lamia M

    I see your point, It does look ugly :)

    Since its a rental apartment, do you have the authorization to remove it ? Because unfortunately, you can't put down vinyle over lino, it will not work (and its not because of the uneven floor).

    You can remove the lino and put another one, less ugly. It can be nice actually :)

    You are speaking about sticker, its quite cheap, why not trying and see if it fits with an uneven floor ? Although Im not sure that it will look pretty.

    Last solution, you can paint the lino, it will not last forever but it could be nice.

    Ask for expert advice to by the appropriate painting pots.

    Joy Fairclough a remercié Lamia M
  • Joy Fairclough

    Ah, I never thought about painting it! That could be a solution... I'll see what the landlords think about it. And why not, maybe I could ask to have the lino replaced with a different kind. If I offer to pay it, maybe they could have a worker in to do it. It is stained in a couple of places and can't be cleaned, so perhaps they would like that idea. Thanks.

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