Can I add freestanding tub/shower without moving the wall faucet?

The Ranch Uncommon
22 Novembre 2017

So this is our guest house bathroom and we quickly added this prefab corner shower when we moved in, now it's time to update. Wondering if I can (on a budget) add a freestanding tub that shoots out of the corner (perpendicular) without moving major plumbing, and also have it still work as a shower? The toilet is basically to the right of the rug, in front of the shower as you enter the room. Wondering what our options could be with this set up?

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  • kayled

    Cute bathroom. No idea what you're talking about. Could you sketch a floor plan?

    The Ranch Uncommon a remercié kayled
  • acm

    There is basically no direction that you can extend the shower without hindering the use of one or more of the other fixtures -- it will impinge too much on the toilet, or leave you no place to stand in front of the sink. You could do a narrower sink that might allow for a larger shower, but I still think a tub is a bit of a fantasy.

    The Ranch Uncommon a remercié acm
  • ptreckel
    I Think I understand your question..... You want to back the faucet end into the corner where the shower is and have it come out across the floor on a diagonal? I believe it will impede access to both the toilet and the sink. Try laying it out on the floor using tape to outline the tub. If I am mistaken in my assumption of what you intend, I am sorry!
    The Ranch Uncommon a remercié ptreckel
  • The Ranch Uncommon a remercié thinkdesignlive
  • PRO
    The Ranch Uncommon

    So Yes! ptreckel! I figured perpendicular would be best, there is actually enough room despite what you see. I just don't know enough about plumbing. Better yet can I just add a freestanding tub coming out on the back wall like the sink and leave the existing plumbing, to the side? Honestly any way I can sick a tub/shower in this corner is ideal it's a funky guest house, I'm not going for dream bath. acm that sink is staying! even if I have to do this trough situation and paint it black to match the sink.

  • PRO
    The Ranch Uncommon

    thinkdesignlive, love that but can the plumbing still come from the existing location??

  • kayled

    Perpendicular TO what? Perpendicular is an angle. You need define two directions to use that term. I'm going to guess you mean running along the wall under the window (bathtub is perpendicular to sink wall) because it looks like that's where most of the space is.

    Is is this a budget job? Not unless you're plumbing yourself. You'll have to tear open the wall and plumb in a spout. And if you're trying for a free-standing tub that is also a shower, you eneed to space the tub far enough away from the wall that you can pull a shower curtain all the way around during a shower (in which case, I dont know of a faucet that's long enough to reach from the wall over a gap. I'm assuming the mixer/current water lines are running directly under the shower head. Would all be easier if they were on the same wall as the sink).

    The Ranch Uncommon a remercié kayled
  • PRO
    Sophie Wheeler

    No. You can not do a tub in that space without redoing plumbing. The toilet requires a 30” unimpinged space from the center of the pipe. You can not do a even a small tub in that space that could also serve as a shower. Not could you do any kind of tub without redoing the plumbing under the floor and behind the wall both.

    The Ranch Uncommon a remercié Sophie Wheeler
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    IMO you do not have nearly enough room for free standing tub.

    The Ranch Uncommon a remercié Patricia Colwell Consulting
  • PRO
    Lichelle Silvestry Interiors
    Agree with the previous comment, the space is small plus I will add that the pluming will need to be done in any case.
    The Ranch Uncommon a remercié Lichelle Silvestry Interiors
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