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15 inches deep open shelf, bad decision need advice

genevieve Lepine
il y a 9 mois
Dernière modification : il y a 9 mois

Yesterday, my kitchen floating shelf was installed. I'm stressing out because it's 15 inches deep... I follow my kitchen designer advice, but it's blocks my view and my prep area when I want to use this counter (20 inches above the counter). Since it mounted to the side cabinet wall (lacquer), i would have to redo the 2 panels, and it's very expensive. Is it me, or is 15 deep shelving above a counter a standard depth? I'm not sure what to do. They offered me to take the side panel out, fix the screws holes, and paint with lacquer again (as for a less expensive option). I'm a afraid the patching will be noticeable on the sides! that why I'm trying to figure it out to decide to leave it as it is or accept their offer.
Any comments or experiences that you can share that could help me would be greatly appreciated.

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