Can I realistically refinish a chair all by myself?

Christine W
29 Janvier 2014
I have 3 tall barstools. Currently the stools are stained a dark brown and covered in a (now) gross and rather gnarly dark taupe chennille. I will be reupholstering the seat cushions myself using the fabric shown on the chair BUT... I would love to refinish the stained wood of the chair frames in a cream matching the cream detail in the fabric. My concerns are these.
A) How and what do I have to do EXACTLY to get the stain off and the frames painted white?
B) What type of paint should I use? The more durable the better
C) What type of sealant should I use to make the frames hold up for the duration since tons of kids will be crawling all over them.
D) Can I do this by hand or should I rent one of those sprayers?
E) Has anyone else gone from wood to white or cream and regretted it? If so, why?

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  • lucidos
    Don't redo the guy he looks awesome.

    Ok..To paint the chairs is not a huge deal but it will be time consuming. You need to scuff sand the chairs which is a light sanding to dull the finish. Most chairs are covered in a poly finish you do not need to get that off but it has to be dulled. The accent holes will be a chore.

    Once you have scuff sanded and removed every speck of dust you can paint with an Alkyd paint. You will need to use 2 coats and it is best applied with a small hand roller with a light sanding in between coats. You do not need to seal it.

    This paint is interesting and does smell really bad. I suggest you do it in the garage or outdoors. It takes curing time. Meaning you will have to wait 3 days before the 2nd coat is applied then a good 3 days before using them. It will take a full 30 days for the paint to fully set. During that time you have to be careful of getting them dirty as you can only wipe gently with a soft damp cloth. After 30 days you can scrub them with anything if you choose the paint will be rock hard. I have this paint on my kitchen cabinets and have used Brillo at times. Standard caution is too remove sticky substances like jelly as soon as possible.

    Other then that preform your normal monthly maintenance and use the tool that came with the chairs to tighten the frames.
    Christine W a remercié lucidos
  • PRO
    Bizzy Lizzy Designs, Inc.
    After cleaning and a light scuffing up with fine sandpaper, prime with Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3. It is waterbased and sticks very well. Then you'll do two coats of paint, latex would be easier than oil base because of clean up and drying time. Thin coats are better than thick. Watch for drips and runs. Choose a satin or semigloss sheen for easy clean up. Latex paint takes about two weeks to cure and it should not be scrubbed until cured. A latex enamel will be harder once dry.
    Christine W a remercié Bizzy Lizzy Designs, Inc.
  • bungalowmo
    I was gonna say....who is "Mr. "EYES"?? :0)

    Now...can you do this? Yes, as long as you don't let your own fear get in the way.

    The stain on those stools can be removed with different grits of sandpaper. You won't need anything too coarse. But that should be able to be scrubbed right down to the wood. Practice the painting on some wood scraps. I've gotten them at Lowes from the "board cutting area" (haha) in the scrap pile they're throwing away.

    The seat pad should be able to be removed from underneath. Replace the foam if it's funky. Again...practice with some scap fabric...then when you got it the real fabric. That should be able to go on with a staple gun.

    I agree with the Zinsser primer! Great stuff. You might want to try using spray paint rather than a brush. As mentioned, several light coats are better than heavy.

    There have been so many projects where I wondered if I could really do it. I'd watch you tube videos until my eyballs hurt, but learned a ton in the process.

    Your own self confidence begins with one small project...just like this one. When you're done, you'll say....YEAH..."I" did that!!! :0)

    I was SO proud when I had to work on my hot water boiler system & actually knew what I was doing!!!
    Christine W a remercié bungalowmo
  • Christine W
    Ok. I will get on to youtube asap and start trolling. I would love to avoid using an Alkyd since they are slowly being phased out and I cannot stomach the stink. I am a total baller so I don't mind taking time to sand the frames down. Worse case if I screw it up is to bring on a pro. thank you all for the advice. I feel empowered to take a swing at it. I don't know who Mr. Smolder is either. I just love his eyes. I obviously clicked on the wrong slide but at least I can print him out and hang him in the garage and have him stare at me while I sand away. Thanks Houzzers!
  • lucidos
    Jesse Williams. Google is amazing I just dropped the pic in the image search.
    Christine W a remercié lucidos
  • sbrustein
    Please repost after you finish . It's going to be stunning and I can't wait to see it and applaud the results. Good luck!!
    Christine W a remercié sbrustein
  • Christine W
    Well Lucidos. I am going to Google the heck outta Jesse Williams and hang that picture of him in my garage and stare at his eyes everytime I feel like my project is going to hell in a handbasket. Wish me luck folks!
  • adivra
    Don't over think this. Sand well, clean, spray a primer and spray the color on in several light coats. Let dry well between coats and sand lightly. Finish with a clear spray finish. I've done this, it works well and there aren't brush lines to deal with.
  • lucidos
    Ha! Christine you'll be fine. Take your time with it. Personally, I prefer the small roller to the brush. If you do brush - long strokes in the same direction no splish splosh x's. Get a good brush. Put the brush (or roller) in the freezer in a plastic bag when ever you have to walk away from the project.

    I know you are opposed to the Akyld paint the stuff does stink terribly can't blame you there. Just that I am so impressed with that paint, seriously, Brillo and it's still perfect!!!
  • Christine W
    Well folks tried to start the project only to find my heavy duty stapler is not strong enough to pierce the batting, fabric and seat wood so I am off to try and rent a compressor and find the appropriate neumatic staple gun. Also the hubby has his back up over the white. He seems to think cleaning it when it gets messy will add to his honey do list.

    Lucidos - White chairs Yay! 30 days for it all to cure and finally use boo! Not to mention the stank of smelling that stuff for like EVAH!!!
  • lucidos
    Oh no you can use them after a few days you just have to be cautious cleaning them and not use strong abrasives (steel wool pad) til then. There is also a trick of putting vanilla extract into the paint. I painted mine outdoors with the dogs, cats and all of the neighbor kids "helping" it was really funny.

    Yes the pneumatic will help tons. Actually the white is easier to clean cause you see the icky gooey stuff. Pokes you to remember to tell the children "hands ON the table please".
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