Cleaning stainless steel!

29 Janvier 2014
We have a massive amount of stainless steel that just went into our kitchen. I love ever bit of the appliances. I've googled some things on cleaning. So my question, what works the best for cleaning & helping reduce fingerprints! What's the best products to use?

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    Excuse the messy floors! It was wet out & our contractors didn't take their shoes off :/
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    ProSource Memphis
    Wash all of the shipping oils off with Dawn and water. Then spray on Pledge! Yes, Pledge. In the old brown and yellow can. It puts a barrier between your oily hands and the stainless. And use Barkeeper's Friend if you get any water spots or heat scorch marks.
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    Bizzy Lizzy Designs, Inc.
    I like to use Windex and a microfiber cloth. All the specific stainless steel cleaners leave a residue in my opinion.
  • Victoria
    Use an e-cloth and water, no chemical products needed.
  • southernkimbo
    believe it or not... Pam cooking spray.
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    Brickwood Builders, Inc.
    Best thing we have found (and it's really cheap) is to clean your appliances with soapy warm water, rinse and dry. Then take regular mineral oil and wipe it on. Put the rag in a zip lock bag and reuse it each time until it just needs to be thrown away. In addition to keeping down fingerprints it helps to keep water spots off the front of the dishwasher. Apply with the grain of the polish in the stainless steel.
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    Thanks everyone!!!
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