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Aménagement d'une chambre parentale contemporaine avec un mur blanc et un sol en carrelage de porcelaine. —  Houzz
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GIOVANNA PUTNOKI-MARTINS a ajouté ceci à Elements & Principles Of Design Look Book Project22 mai 2022

Focal point: the area to which your eye is immediately drawn. In this case the bright red artwork over the bed.

Kaleigh Snetsingrr a ajouté ceci à Kaleigh Snetsinger Block 1 Idea Book11 février 2022

The orange flower is a focal point because your eye is immediately drawn to it.

Avari Higgins a ajouté ceci à Averys Idea book11 février 2022

focal point red thing on wall draws your eyes to that wall of the bedroom

Jennean Barghouty a ajouté ceci à Principles of Design10 novembre 2021

emphasis (focal point) the red decoration on the wall

Jordan Beasy a ajouté ceci à Look Book27 septembre 2021

Focal point: the red thing above the bed makes the room stand out and your eye will look straight at it when u look at the photo and rest there

Lilly Mullikin a ajouté ceci à Lilly Mullikin’s Block 3 Idea Book4 mai 2021

Focal point- the red fluffy ball type thing on the wall is an example of a focal point. This focal point draws the eye and provides a feeling of order and unity.

Danny Benson a ajouté ceci à Elements And Principles Of Design3 mai 2021

The bright red decoration above the bed is a focal point in the room and the eye is instantly attracted to it. The decoration leads the eye around the rest of the room and brings it all together.

Liv Gebhart a ajouté ceci à Liv Gebhart Block 4 Idea Book24 février 2021

The red sculpture on the on the back wall is the focal point of the room which mean your eyes naturally move to it.

Barrett Estensen a ajouté ceci à BE Book Project22 février 2021

Focal Point The red wall art in this space is the main focal point of this room. When you walk into, or see this space your eye is immediately drawn to that piece. This specific piece is the area of interest, emphasis, or difference within a composition that capture and hold your attention.

Madeline Jawad a ajouté ceci à Principles of design8 octobre 2020

Emphasis Red color draws attention to the red decoration.

Jocelyn Chapman a ajouté ceci à Principals of Design8 octobre 2020

I like the design on the wall and I like the pop of red. It represents emphasis because everything in the room is more of a neutral color and then there’s a ball of red on the wall.

AVA SMITH a ajouté ceci à Ava Smith Elements Of Design Project2 octobre 2020

This red flower is an example of a FOCAL POINT in a room. Having a focal point creates a place for your eyes to rest and flow around a room.

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