The veranda hall eclectique-entree
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The veranda hall

Idées déco pour une entrée éclectique. — Houzz

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Planting notes. Place your ficus in a bright spot away from drafts. Most important, once you’ve found a spot, avoid moving it if possible. To increase humidity levels, place a pebble tray under the planter. Water when the top of the soil is dry from spring through fall, then cut back and water when the soil is dry at least an inch down in winter. Let the water run out the drainage holes. To help increase humidity levels, mist periodically. Fertilize every three to four weeks with a balanced 20-20-20 water-soluble fertilizer at half strength. Ficus may be subject to light attacks of spider mites (remove with a spray of water), aphids, mealybugs and scale.Tip: Ficus does not like to be moved, overwatered or in a drafty spot.What you need to know about choosing a fertilizer that best fits your plants’ needs
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Le Tecniche per Moltiplicare le Piante How to Grow a Happy Ficus

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