Natasha Barrault Design
We are a multi-disciplinary design firm working in partnership with architects, general contractors and craftsmen, as dictated by each project.
One such collaboration with Hervé Daridan and associates has become a cornerstone of the work we have completed over the past few years.

Together, we aim to produce living spaces, furniture and objects designed to inspire rather than to impress.
We do not think a home should look decorated as such but reflect Nature in its varied forms, i.e the nature of the building, of the people who live in it and of the site that it is sitting on.

An interior, designed, need not be overwhelming and can stay very much alive, be alterable at will, not something cast in bronze that you live with until you can’t.

Culver City
Contacter: Natasha Barrault
Périmètre: 9022 Hubbard Street
Culver City 90232
A commenté : I love those giraffes! Where I can find them? I'm afraid I don't know. The clients had bought them before we even got started on the project. I can tell you they are leather but that's all.
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A commenté : Bulletin Board Wall for Photos etc Hi Donna. the wall is magnetized using a special paint, and the right kind of magnets that can hold relatively thick paper, artworks etc.. for more info, please read all previous discussions on this i...
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A commenté : Beautiful blue tile Thank you. The tiles are from Heath Ceramics:
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A commenté : Where is this rug from? Hello there. The rug is available at The Rug Company.
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A commenté : Is the chandelier the 24" or 35"? I'm almost certain it is the 35" .
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A commenté : Love all of your work! Where did the sink/counter come from? Oh dear, sorry for the slow response and thank you for the compliments! The integrated countertop and sink was designed by us and fabricated by a Los Angeles company, Aggregate Art. They do beautiful ...
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