A duo of french artists Describing Mel and Kio is quite a challenge. 
You need to speak quietly and take your time… It’s like plunging into the world of theatre, where for once, instead of acting out the story, the storyteller, or storytellers, becomes part of the story. Mel and Kio’s creative practice succeeds where contemporary art often fears to tread: in opening a generous dialogue with poetic pieces of work that reveal intimacy and fantasy. Mel is an artist, Kio is a writer. Together they compose works of great sensitivity that combine their inspirations and references. Brought together by happy chance on a book project, Mel and Kio share a passion for words, rhythm and line. For over 10 years they have created pieces in which Mel sketches Kio’s poetry, and Kio whispers words to complement Mel’s calligraphy and drawings.
Services proposés :

Mel and Kio’s original artistic approach has attracted architects, interior architects and designers, who, working in close collaboration with the duo, are able to offer clients an exceptional, complete and poetic experience. The graphic and poetic work of Mel and Kio is unique, in the way it adds to the essence of a place by conferring a unique identity on it.

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