2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA

Trouver le meilleur professionnel en architecture pour faire construire sa maison n’est pas chose facile. Si vous ne savez pas comment choisir un architecte pour concevoir les plans de votre maison de rêve, alors lisez ces quelques conseils pour vous guider. Quelque soit votre budget, engager une personne qualifiée pour mener votre projet architectural a de multiples avantages. C’est un expert en tous types de logements, structures habitables, en styles d’architecture, en terrain et aménagement urbain. Professionnel de l’aménagement de l’espace, il est qualifié pour la construction d’une maison sur Westlake Village, CA, son agrandissement ou son extension ainsi que la rénovation d’une villa. Pour la restauration d’un site classé ou d’un bâtiment historique comme un château, vous aurez besoin d’un architecte des Bâtiments de France. Une maison neuve d’architecte est aussi très recherchée pour son originalité, son esthétisme particulier, comme une maison à toit plat, et fonctionnelle, comme une maison passive et écologique. Pour personnaliser votre bien immobilier, il peut aussi faire des travaux de transformation incluant l’ajout d’une verrière, la réhabilitation d’une ferme, la reconversion d’un site industriel en loft. Il peut aussi vous aider à effectuer des aménagements intérieurs comme l’installation d’une mezzanine, piscine intérieure, sauna ou jacuzzi et transformer un immeuble de résidence en appartement duplex ou triplex. Plus
  • Proposed New Construction in Lake Sherwood, CA

    Van Parys Architecture and Design is a boutique firm located in Westlake Village, CA. At VPA+D, we handle new cons...

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  • Hawksway

    Detail Oriented Architecture Firm in Thousand Oaks

    We are a full service architectural design studio. Our work ranges from interior renovations, small to large scale...

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  • Elegance at a glance Newbury Park Kitchen

    I work with each of my clients from conception through completion of their projects, making their dreams a reality...

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  • Architecture & Landscape Architecture Gallery

    Westlake Village's Well-Designed Building & Landscape Architect

    Our award-winning homes reflect the needs and sense of place desired by our clients. We offer architecture design...

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  • Game Room Theater Addition, Thousand Oaks, CA

    Welcome to the comprehensive design firm of choice! With attentive reception to your ideas and goals, let ENRd...

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  • Greater LA's Contemporary & Eco-Friendly Architectural Design Firm

    Edward M. Osuch, of Neo and Associates, has been specialized in the art of architecture since 1997. He specializes...

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  • EZ Plans provides architecture services for home remodels, additions and new construction. We are changing the way...

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  • Thousand Oaks's Specialized Architect and Building Designer

    We are an architectural design company that specializes in new custom residential design, residential renovations...

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  • Burdge & Associates Architects, Inc. (BAA) is an international architectural, planning and consulting firm based i...

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  • Westlake Village Design Specialists

    We begin with a vision and inspiration, and bring it to life with our full spectrum of interior design services, w...

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  • Hsu McCullough is a full service architecture firm specializing in custom home design rooted in comfort. Led by p...

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  • Architecture and Interior Design --- Model Design Inc. is an award-winning boutique design firm, specializing in n...

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  • Since 1972 Design Wall Systems has been a company that takes pride in giving customers exactly what there looking...

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  • We are a full service architecture and interior design firm specializing in sustainable solutions for single-famil...

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  • We help modern families design amazing homes. At Laney LA, our licensed architects and designers bring excitement...

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  • Best in Houzz Award Winning Architect / Interior Designer! Michelle Anaya, AIA is a registered architect in Cal...

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  • Premier Architecture and Interior Design Firm in Southern California. We strive to create a sense of place, not ju...

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  • Paul Brant Williger has over 30 years of Custom Residential Architecture experience, is a graduate of Columbia Uni...

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  • Since its inception in 1991 Michael Lee Architects has focused on the design and construction of primarily residen...

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  • We are a midsized West Los Angeles Architecture, Interiors, and Restaurant Design firm with construction managemen...

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Avis sélectionnés pour 2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA

Studio3 Design
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
9 févr. 2018
“I am pleased to recommend Studio 3 Design for your project design needs. My experience with this firm was very positive. They got the job done on my development project quickly and their suggestions were budget conscious, practical and innovative.”
Neo and Associates
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
20 avr. 2017
“Neo & Associates are the best in the business! I have been working with them for years and they go above and beyond on all levels! Magnificent designs and delicate touches make every project stand out from others.”
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
27 juin 2013
“I am a mother of three youngs boys and my husband and I work full-time. We purchased our home in Westlake Village approximately 11 years ago. Neither of us had the time or talent to take on the remodel work our home needed. We hired Carol.. What a blessing. We told her we had a classic-cormfortable lifestyle and loved to entertain. We also told her when options were available to limit us to three as we had a difficult time making a decision. She is helping us with the following projects: * Guest Bathroom (cosmetic remodel) * Master Bathroom (reconstruction) * Living Room * Outdoor Living Area Not only did she help with every aspect of the design, drawings and selection of paint, tile, cabinets, hardware she coordinate with all the individual compaies involved in the projects above.”
Van Parys Architecture + Design
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
24 août 2016
“Van Pary's Architecture and Design is the one of the best and most thorough firms that I have dealt with, there attention to detail and expertise makes every project of the highest quality.”
Alana A. Busse
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
7 nov. 2015
“We are very grateful to Alana Busse at Westside Remodeling for helping us realize our dream of having a beautiful and functional kitchen. Alana is an amazing and intuitive designer. We soon realized that we were in good hands. Our kitchen was done in a timely manner and communication with Alana was top notch. It is always smart to hire a professional kitchen designer from the beginning. There are so many details! Alana is a true pro and has extensive knowledge about everything kitchen!”
Eric N. Rohlfing, ENRarchitects
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
6 oct. 2012
“We chose Eric to design a 430 sq foot game room, with walk-in 'pantry, built-ins etc in 2010. The kitchen wall was knocked down so the game-room and kitchen are open with a granite bar between them. Great work. He went from color pencil concept sketches, thru approval drawings and finals. The end result is very open and light, with a very large custom skylight providing natural light to the pool table by day. My wife loves the walk-in pnatry. Very personable and smart fellow. Not too expensive.”
EZ Plans, Inc
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
22 mai 2017
“I grew up with a father who is a master contractor. In my adult life, I have been involved in countless home renovations, so I've always thought architects are a waste of time & money. They always seem to be writing checks with the customers' money, and have no basis in reality or practicality: they seem so frivolous. Hubby and I bought a mid-century modern home that had been turned into a tuscan style by the previous owners. (can you imagine?) We needed help getting approval from the local city planning board who are a NIGHTMARE to deal with (average of 8-10 plan checks, most cities do 2-3!?) We hired Glen with EZPlans to help us. Glen handled acrimonious city officials, seeming design impossibilities (and even a few vastly different design ideas between hubby and I) with tact, professionalism, and good humor. Dealing with EZ Plans was a breeze. I am so impressed with their vision, their professionalism, and the very talented, creative (and practical) architects they hire. They are exceptional communicators, and are as intuitive as they are talented. EZ Plans turned a simple contractor grade design we could have come up with ourselves, to a design that respected the mid-century bones of our home, and brought it to the practical standards we needed the home to suit. The design they came up with easily increased the value of our renovation tenfold. the only direction they had from me was "I want to respect the home's bones with materials in their natural element, nothing frivolous, but we need the house to be super specialized for our dogs." (maybe that's a bit frivolous....) They took this and ran with it. Incidentally, they are AVID dog lovers (almost as nutty as hubby and I are, ) so they came up with such cool suggestions that will make our old dogs' lives (and our lives) easier. As someone who has scoffed at the need for an architect, (come on, my dad is a contractor!) I can assure anyone: the design of a talented architect is worlds apart from what a contractor, or even designer, could come up with. They take things to another level. Glen increased the value of the renovation by making the design in line with architectural design elements, not current trends that would be outdated quickly after installation. More importantly, they made changes to the home to fit OUR lifestyle and needs, instead of us changing our needs and lifestyles to accommodate the home. This is the difference: architects build homes, contractors build houses. Hubby and I are so pleased with our experience at EZPlans. They make incredible planning, design and architecture...easy. :)”
Burdge & Associates Architects
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
16 août 2013
“I highly recommend Doug and his team. After working with two architects, we hired him since we heard he is an expert in obtaining permits in Malibu. The process was so seamless and we appreciate Doug’s professionalism. We love our new beach house!”
Hsu McCullough
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
13 mai 2014
“Chris and Peggy are the perfect team to build your dream house. They turned our traditional styled home into an amazing modern home without gutting out the entire house. I loved how extremely detailed and meticulous they were in designing every corner of the house and guiding our contractor along the process. Extremely professional and passionate about their work which reflects in the home I live now. People are constantly "wowed" by our house.”
2 544 architectes sur Westlake Village, CA
30 août 2015
“We absolutely LOVED working with both Andrea and Jeff Browning of Model Design! We felt so incredibly fortunate to find a husband-wife team that could handle all aspects of the architectural planning and design of our extensive remodel. Both Jeff and Andrea were stellar with their individual components of the job and obviously could work in fantastic unison when it came to decisions that involved both an architect and designer. . there was no waiting for hard-to-schedule meetings between the two! Jeff is super professional but very down-to-to-earth and extremely easy to work with. His calm and laid-back style was so appreciated during a process that can be very stressful! Jeff was super responsive and was able to bring together a team of engineers and our construction crew to address some of the more challenging parts of our remodel. We loved his enthusiasm in helping us achieve our vision for the function and flow of a redesigned floor plan and his full commitment to making it happen! Andrea's incredible artistry and talent as a designer was critical to turning the form of the house into the dream home we had envisioned! She was able to assimilate our ideas to design a home that was practical and functional yet visually stunning! She has meticulous attention to detail and conveys her vision through exquisite architectural drawings, which enables the construction team to fully visualize the anticipated outcome. Andrea is SUPER patient, warm, and always positive, and was so enjoyable and fun to work with! The planning and execution of any extensive remodel can be extremely stressful. The value of having a calm, positive and balanced team cannot be understated. Consider yourself extremely lucky and fortunate if you are able to secure your job with Jeff and Andrea at Model Design!”
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