103 installateurs d'arrosage automatique sur Hawaï, HI

Si la luxuriance des pelouses de vos voisins vous fait envie, il est temps de contacter un professionnel du gazon. Un entrepreneur spécialisé dans la pelouse et l’arrosage automatique sur Hawaï, HI peut vous aider à embellir votre aménagement paysager et par conséquent, votre maison. Il pourra par exemple semer du gazon de regarnissage pour réparer les zones abîmées et vous installer un système d’irrigation. Cet expert de la pelouse vous apportera son expérience et ses compétences pour prendre soin de votre herbe, l’arrose et s’occuper de son entretien. Il pourra ainsi vous aider à transformer votre concept en plusieurs plans détaillés, tout en respectant les éléments préexistants dans votre jardin comme une terrasse par exemple. Plus
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Avis sélectionnés pour installateurs d'arrosage automatique sur Hawaï, HI

Hapa Landscaping
installateurs d'arrosage automatique sur Hawaï, HI
8 nov. 2017
“There was a mix up on the bid and I had to have them only one day but the work they did was great, clean, trees well and artfully trimmed and everything cleaned up. The only BUT is that they are expensive, twice+ any other bids. I mis-read the bid and thought what I paid for ONE day was the entire 2 day job--which would already have been $200.00 MORE than other bids for the entire job! Since they are licensed and bonded etc and do other yards near mine I already knew they did good work so chose the extra (what I thought was) 200.00. I do my own yard but a lengthy illness had it get away from me and many trees needing trim anyway. They did great work and are a congenial crew, laughing and enjoying their work. But they ARE expensive so be sure you read the bid carefully. I mis-read and thought the entire 2 day job was 2 half days and the price was TWICE what I thought so be careful! It was NOT their fault nor trying to scam me; I mis read it. Because of this the entire front of my yard remains a mess as they did the backyard only. But I cannot afford 1200 a DAY. Victor apologized and sent the crew to remove all the large truckload of cut greens the next day, which I really didn't expect since it WAS my fault. He helped me out and I truly appreciated that. *10 Nov update: I subtracted one star from five. The oner is a nice person but stated he "never said he'd have crews two half days". YES, he did. Why on earth lie? The 1200.00 a DAY was what I thought TWO half days would total so the bid/ bill was not what we discussed, even though I DID read it incorrectly. My bad. When I actually went to the back of my property to see the work close up after they left? Although they trimmed the mountain apple tree well, they left many many avocados on the ground under that tree and only lightly raked. From my deck I cannot see this area and was not feeling strong enough to get down there as I still get light-headed from being ill so long. They dumped some greens back here too. The California grass was not cut down but 'mowed' so its still a foot tall along the chain link neighbors fence where it was steeper. They forgot a very heavy extension ladder they used of mine and left it out in the side yard as well. Emails to the owner were not answered and since they do my neighbors yard regularly and the crew was here today--I asked them to please place that heavy ladder back under the house. They said they would. Hope so! That said, they did GREAT work and I wish I could have had them for 2 full days. But they are just too expensive for my budget; double plus everyone else! It cost me 1200.00 for SIX hours work That's 200.00 an HOUR! If it was ALL tree trimming? Maybe; but this was mostly yard work!”
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