39 fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT

Si vous êtes à la recherche d’un créateur de bibliothèque sur mesure pour votre salon ou d’un fabricant d’étagères personnalisées pour votre cuisine, un fabricant de meubles sur mesure peut vous aider. Un fabricant d’armoires de cuisine sur mesure peut créer un meuble d’angle adapté à un espace difficile d’accès. Un concepteur de placards de salle de bain peut concevoir et fabriquer une armoire pratique et fonctionnelle pour votre salle d’eau. N’hésitez donc à contacter un fabricant de placards et d’armoires sur mesure sur Manchester Center, VT. Ces professionnels de la fabrication de meubles sur mesure ont des compétences et un savoir-faire indispensables à la réussite de votre projet. Plus
  • Multi Use Room

    Doug Levine has a wealth of experience from helping his father build custom windows shutters as a youth, to become...

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  • Clock Tower Condo's

    Bennington County's Quality Cabinetry Professional | Best of Houzz

    Benchmark Kitchens is a kitchen and bath remodeling firm, that will add striking style to your home. The pleasures...

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  • KraftMaid Design Gallery

    *KraftMaid® Cabinetry Authorized Dealer* WW Building Supply is a small hometown lumber yard with over 40 years...

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  • Stunning Lake House Kitchen

    Knight Kitchens is a family-owned business that has been serving customers for more than a quarter of a century. O...

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  • Paul's Custom Carpentry

    Paul Kobyluch has been a leader in cabinetry and woodworking in Salem, NY since 1985. A Graduate of Cooper Union C...

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  • We build custom cabinets and furniture.

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  • Custom Cabinetry manufactured in Vermont . Thirty years of experience shows in our beautiful cabinetry. Inset, be...

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  • Whether you are looking for Fun, Whimsical, Themed, Eclectic or something else, I can make you a custom hand-craft...

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  • Lew Teich Custom Woodworking began by building custom built-ins and cabinets part time. A very fortuitous piece of...

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  • We transform kitchens from outdated to OUTSTANDING. Cabinet refacing saves time and money. With additional options...

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  • Crabapple Hollow Farm Millwork & Cabinetry provides distinct, Vermont quality, custom cabinetry and millwork. Each...

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  • From new to old restoration we proudly most remodeling jobs. From Custom Kitchens and baths to whole house renov...

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  • My furniture is all custom made. I get inspiration from a number of sources. Whether it is a Bed in the spirit of...

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Avis sélectionnés pour fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT

Benchmark Kitchens Inc.
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
28 sept. 2013
“I worked with Benchmark Kitchens on the kitchen of my first house about 12 years ago and wanted a chance to do it again as the experience was really terrific and the outcome was exactly what we were looking for. We were renovating a small farmhouse with not much space for a kitchen and ended up with a great galley kitchen with maple cabinets and a fireslate counter that is really efficient and a joy to use! Last year, we purchased a 1970s deck house that had not been touched since its origin and the kitchen was outdated and dysfunctional. Cabinets were not wide enough to fit pots and baking pans in them, the giant galvanized piping under the sink did not allow for any storage, the hood-controlled GE electric stove had one burner that actually worked and the counter was slanted just enough that a leak in the base of the sink faucet had water running down the entire back of the counter behind our appliances at all times. Plus, the formica finish of the cabinets and countertops was bordering on terrible. After a year of living in the space, we were ready to make a change. Brad Schueckler, the owner-designer of Benchmark, is easy to work with, has a strong sense of design and style and some really great solutions to space and function challenges. We worked together for several months discussing ideas and plans, explored some general layouts that we liked and then officially hired him for the job. After detailing our design drawings, we received 3D renditions of the space and at that point, I realized the color scheme and cabinet style we had selected in combination with the deck house design and wood decking on the ceiling, was not going to work. Brad went back to the drawing board (literally!) and came up with a revised cabinet style, color and design that would be ideal for the space. Given my interest in keeping costs low, Benchmark suggested a few creative ideas that would help with the bottom line including using diamond-plated steel as the kickplate on the backside of our peninsula/breakfast bar and shopping for remnant stone to possibly use as the countertops. Brad recommended a 6-burner Smeg stove, which is really beautiful and kept our costs down as the company was selling off older model styles to make room for newly designed handles. We ended up placing the stove in the corner of the room so it sits at at 45-degree angle looking out our south-facing windows, which is great. We worked to keep the refrigerator within reach and out of sight and ended up positioning it in our pantry with the fridge door flush to the outside face of it and we LOVE it! The textures, colors and layout of the cabinetry/countertops are terrific. They work really well with the tile floor color/texture and style and the deck house ceiling which was a challenge to complement. The countertop bookshelves are perfect for my cookbook collection and the wrap-around counter to the mudroom allows for all of our daily comings and goings with phone access, key organization and errand-inducing lists in tact and easy to grab. Because of our experience working with Benchmark and the challenges finding two off-the-shelf bathroom vanities that worked in our two bathroom spaces, we asked Brad to design the vanities for both our upstairs and downstairs bathrooms and, although still in the works, we're excited to see them in place soon. We have had two great experiences with this company over the last decade and I would recommend Benchmark Kitchens to anyone in the Berkshires, Hudson Valley and Connecticut area. Brad is great to work with -- professional, creative, full-service, easy-to-work with and delivers what he promises.”
Attention to Details Kitchen & Bath Design Studio
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
28 déc. 2013
“Scott Healy, owner of attention to detail came with a recommendation from everyone in our town of manchester, vermont. Every word was true. The entire process was fantastic. Scott is highly experienced in renovations. His attitude was very professional, he stayed within our budget and he worked well with us and all of his contractors. We had some deadlines and all of them were accomplished thanks to Scott. I ended up with the most beautiful bathrooms I have ever had! I would recommend attention to detail to anyone needing a new kitchen or bathroom!”
WW Building Supply
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
30 janv. 2018
“Working with Tommy to renovate our kitchen and main floor bath was a pleasure. He was very knowledgeable and responsive. I look forward to working with Tommy again in the future. future.”
Knight Kitchens
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
18 mai 2016
“Working with Knight Kitchens was a dream in what was otherwise a very stressful house-building project! George took my ideas and designed each room to spec. They worked with the paint, stains, and glazes to develop the exact style and hues we wanted. We were able to include details like cathedral light glass doors as well as coordinate the great room mantel to the kitchen island corbels and the library bookshelves - so beautiful in the open concept style of our home. The quality and craftsmanship is obvious the minute we walk in the door and throughout the 7 rooms designed by Knight Kitchens. We couldn't be happier and I would highly recommend them!”
Paul Kobyluch Craftman
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
4 janv. 2016
“Paul is a cabinetmaker and has created the most wonderful built in shelves for our home. They are always completed timely and with the utmost attention to detail. Further, Paul can create whatever you can imagine. I draw a small sketch and he turns it into a beautiful unit.”
Breznick Cabinetmakers
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
17 avr. 2014
“Joe Breznick is a master craftsman and does everything to perfection.He is timely and innovative. His prices are competitive and he goes that extra inch to satisfy his clients.”
Knight Kitchens Ed Stoehr
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
28 oct. 2014
“Our introduction to Knight Kitchens and Ed Stoehr was quite fortuitous we quite unexpectedly attended a home improvement show at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island in anticipation of a complete renovation of an older home that we had recently purchased. The concept of having a kitchen designed and fabricated in Vermont so far from this home was not appealing but we were so impressed with the show model and Ed's attitude that we figured it was looking into. The results were nothing short of outstanding at every level of our contact with Ed. His design instincts were superb and his attitude and professionalism in working with our contractor from such a distance was remarkable. Our original intentions were just to purchase kitchen cabinetry but we ended up having Knight fabricate built-ins for our den and bathroom vanities after we were unhappy with the cost of local options. In each case, the cabinets were exceptionally well constructed in cherry wood with high quality hardware. The finishes were elegant and we regularly receive the highest of compliments on the beauty of the project. This was all done within some challenging time frames. Not to be missed is the fact that the cost of the cabinets according to our well experienced installer were in his opinion "about half of what it would have cost on Long Island". We could not be happier about our decision.”
Vermont Custom Cabinetry
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
13 févr. 2016
“Wow. I can not believe that Vermont Custom Cabinetry has no reviews. We purchased a fairly modest home this summer, with the explicit plan to turn the old constricted kitchen and a lovely dining room into one expansive space. Even before closing, we began researching cabinets. Our philosophy is based on, you spend the money on the things that you never want to replace. This includes cabinets, floors, and even countertops. Faucets, hanging lights, etc are easy to change later and get less of the budget. It became clear quickly that the dimensions of the room demanded custom cabinetry if we wanted to utilize every square inch. In this market, with these prices, every square inch matters. We began our research on sites such as Houzz. A number of places kept coming up along with some other places that were more local. We visited five cabinet makers. Vermont Custom Cabinetry hit the sweet spot. Well built, I mean really well built, coupled with the perfect finish [painted cabinets.] And they were so nice! We worked with Jessica to build our perfect kitchen. After we showed her our workflow plan, she enhanced what we wanted, and designed exactly what worked for us. Another bonus-- you can select any color from the Benjamin Moore paint deck with no upcharge. We included every feature that we wanted-- the recycling/garbage center, four drawers per cabinet, tray dividers, glass windows on the one upper cabinet, pull out pantry and full height pantries, and adjustable, pull out shelves -- and still came in right on budget. The cabinets were ready earlier than scheduled, and our contractor was running behind. Vermont Custom Cabinetry held our cabinets until our contractor said "deliver now." And they did.... the same week that we called. The delivery vehicle is owned by the company, and the driver/deliverer is a wonderful man who also builds the cabinets that he is delivering. Because the deliver their own cabinets, you do pay sales tax in your state [but you probably should anyhow.] The delivery packet included proper plans and instructions on how your contractor should install. The packet was very helpful, but two copies would have been more convenient. We had to find a copy shop in order to keep the original and give the contractor the second copy. I have learned that most of Vermont Custom Cabinetry's work is for really high-end homes, many of them on Long Island. These jobs are a factor of ten more expensive than our project. I never would have known this. Jessica treated our job as though it was the most important one on her desk. Her attention [and I presume that of the cabinet maker's] to the details was extraordinary. The delivered cabinets are amazing! They are everything that we saw in their showroom in Keene. We can't be more pleased with the quality of the work, and the entire experience. We have ordered three more pieces to be delivered in March, and we fully expect to be just as thrilled then. [Will post some better pictures when installation is complete. For now, pictures are only 1/2 day of progress.]”
Dave Herzfeld
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
12 nov. 2014
“I bought a very ordinary looking knotty pine house in Lenox MA. I found Dave Herzfeld and I have the most extraordinary custom designed and painted home in the Berkshires. He did everything from building a custom designed an painted hutch, to doing individual oil paintings on each of a dozen kitchen cabinet doors. He then designed and built a headboard with side tables that is a folk village in relief, so that the houses and silo and church steeple are all different heights, I could go on and on. Let me conclude by saying that Dave is a fine artist, an excellent craftsman and one of the finest human beings I have ever met.”
Lew Teich Custom Woodworking
fabricants de placards et rangements sur Manchester Center, VT
16 sept. 2015
“They renovated our kitchen that included a partial removal of two walls that were replaced by cabinets they built and installed. They built, painted and replaced all other cabinet & drawer fronts and installed hinges and pulls. They rebuilt the island counter, installed all major appliances, replaced flooring, made electrical and plumbing upgrades & prepared counters for granite counter top installation. The projected cost and time estimates were met. They were excellent to communicate with & had excellent & creative renovation suggestions which were implemented. They found & corrected a structural flaw from when the house was built. They were as accommodating as possible during the entire reconstruction period. The entire renovation exceeded our expectations making a huge upgrade to our now beautiful kitchen. They have my highest recommendation.”
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