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Contacter: Joanna Tovia
Périmètre: Sydney, New South Wales 2783
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A commenté : Desperately Need Help for Problem Kitchen Have you considered relocating the fireplace to another room? Might be tricky to work it successfully into a modern kitchen, but would be a shame to lose it completely!
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A commenté : What project did you fail to finish in 2014? My novel ... again!
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A commenté : POLL: How do you listen to music? Spotify. I head straight for the "mood" section and pick music based on how I feel (or how I want to feel). Morning Coffee, Acoustic Afternoon and Singing in the Shower are personal faves.
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A commenté : Share your favourite home quotes with us We change the words on our chalkboard whenever the mood strikes. Here are today's words of inspiration!
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A commenté : Ideas for privacy screen I like the one out the front!
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